Mensa Ponderaria and Augusteum

Piazza del Duomo, 4
00019 Tivoli (RM)

Person in charge:
Arch. Laura Bernardi

Mensa Ponderaria

The Mensa Ponderaria, or public weigh-house, was situated in the forum of the city of Tibur. The building, which probably dates back to Augustan times, was discovered by chance in 1883. It represents one of those rare occasions in which the specific function of public weigh-house was identified thanks to the presence of two marble mensae, or tables, with concave cavities of different sizes where the official weights were housed. An adjacent structure, discovered in 1920, was probably dedicated to the imperial cult (Augusteum).

An inscription provides information about the person who saw to the erection of the construction, the freedman Marcus Varenus Diphilus, magister Herculaneus, a rich and powerful college connected to the cult of Hercules.

The Villae are part of an inestimable architectural, archaeological, historical and naturalistic heritage. To preserve their beauty and protect them from damage they must be treated with care. We need everyone’s cooperation if this precious and fragile legacy is to maintain its splendour and continue to reveal its age-old history.

The Villae comprise diverse, multiform sites, but are the expression of one and the same cultural heredity and unitary management principles. This is why we have drawn up a single set of general regulations for conscious and respectful fruition of the venues that can be easily adapted to suit the specific characteristics of each one of us.