Sanctuary of Hercules Victor

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Sanctuary of Hercules Victor Ticket Office
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Sanctuary of Hercules Victor

The Sanctuary of Hercules Victor is one of the major examples of Roman cult architecture of the Republican era (building began in the 2nd century B.C.). A spectacular structure of an imposing size, it was built on a vast raised open site towering over the river Aniene, along an ancient transhumance route, which subsequently became the via Tiburtina. The road was carried under the architectural complex by a tunnel (Via Tecta or “covered street”), which was built beneath it.

The sanctuary was formed by three parts: the theatre, which made use of the naturally sloping ground, a large square surrounded by porticoes and the actual temple in the centre of the square and aligned with the theatre. After the site had been abandoned as a place of worship, it began to be used for different purposes. The presence of abundant water attracted industries, such as wool mills, an arms factory, foundries, a paper mill and the first hydroelectric power plant, which produced alternating current for a considerable area. So much so, the Sanctuary area now includes an extraordinary industrial heritage.

The Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore is open every day at the following times

10.00 – 17.00 from 30 October 2022 to 26 February 2023

10.00 – 18.30 from 27 February 2023 to 26 March 2023

10.00 – 19.00 from 27 March 2023 to 1 October 2023

Last admission one hour before the site closes.

Attention: on public holidays in November and December 2022, January and February 2023 open from 9.00 to 13.00. Last admission 12.00.

The visit to the Sanctuary of Hercules Victor takes on average an hour.

Free admission on the first Sunday of the month.

Current events: Link to the news

The Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore is closed on January 1st and December 25th, except for any extraordinary openings on project which are reported on this website.


Santuario di Ercole Vincitore ticket office:
Via degli Stabilimenti, 5
00019 Tivoli (Roma)
telephone: + 39 0774382733; +39 0639967900 (call center)


As recommended by the Museum General Management “You are hereby informed that this Institute undertakes to offer visitors the longest possible opening hours, in compliance with the criteria established for the opening hours to the public, security and safety of Italian state museums and cultural facilities provided for by Ministerial Decree D.M. of 30 June 2016, pending completion of the expected proceedings to overcome the current lack of staff and set up the consequent recruiting procedures

Guided tours for groups of visitors and school groups must be booked

You are advised to wear comfortable clothing, suited to the season, and sensible low-heeled shoes.

Certain parts of the site may be closed for restoration work or other technical requirements; ask at the Ticket Office for information. Pay particular attention to areas where danger signs have been affixed. Since the archaeological site is mainly outdoors, visitors are required take all the precautions described in the website of the Civil Defence service which we recommend consulting (risk activities, meteo-hydro risk, are you prepared?); knowing about such events is the first step towards learning how to deal with them correctly and defend oneself from danger.

The Civil Defence Department is engaged in an awareness-raising campaign focused on imparting a few simple rules on how to prevent or reduce the damage caused by natural disasters and what you need to do before, during and after meteorological and hydro-geological events.

For individuals: set time departure on Sundays (except the first Sunday of the month) at 11.30 a.m.: € 5 booking recommended € 2

Groups of visitors and school groups: Booking is obligatory. Phone +39 0774 382733 or +39 06 39967900.

Groups with their own guide need not book.

The Villae are part of an inestimable architectural, archaeological, historical and naturalistic heritage. To preserve their beauty and protect them from damage they must be treated with care. We need everyone’s cooperation if this precious and fragile legacy is to maintain its splendour and continue to reveal its age-old history.

The Villae comprise diverse, multiform sites, but are the expression of one and the same cultural heredity and unitary management principles. This is why we have drawn up a single set of general regulations for conscious and respectful fruition of the venues that can be easily adapted to suit the specific characteristics of each one of us.

By Car

By Car: Take the A24 motorway and exit at the Tivoli or Castel Madama toll booths. Drive from Villa Adriana along via degli Orti, then via degli Stabilimenti. Alternatively, drive to Tivoli centre and park (subject to a parking fee) in Piazza Garibaldi or in the multi-storey car park in Piazza Massimo, then proceed on foot. Pay attention to the restricted traffic areas.

Parking facilities: via degli Stabilimenti, free of charge from 8 a.m. until 6.30 p.m.. The ticket provided with the admission ticket must be displayed; Piazza Massimo, multi-storey car park (subject to a parking fee).

Public Transport

By BUS from Rome: Take the subway, Metro B, and get off at the station of Ponte Mammolo, then take the Co.Tra.L. bus via Prenestina or via Tiburtina or via the motorway (preferable) to Tivoli. Get off at the Largo delle Nazioni Unite stop and proceed on foot: Piazza Santa Croce, Via della Missione, Via Campitelli, Via del Colle, Via degli Stabilimenti.

BY RAIL from Stazione Termini or from Stazione Tiburtina until reaching the railway station of Tivoli. From there, follow the pedestrian route suggested below.


Pedestrian route from Tivoli railway station: Via Sant’Agnese, via Valeria, Piazza Massimo, via S. Valerio, Via del Colle, Via degli Stabilimenti.

Pedestrian route from Villa d’Este (15 minutes): Piazza Trento, via della Missione, via Campitelli, via del Colle, via degli Stabilimenti