Luisa Me

Solo shows

  • 2022 ‘The crane at the bottom of the sea’, Roman Road Gallery, London
  • 2021 ‘The crab chair’, 9 French Place, curated by Cambell Hector, presented by BeAdvisors Art Department, London 2020 ‘Tides in the body’,duo show with Giovanni
  • Vetere curated by Marcelle Joseph, Lychee One, London
  • 2019 ‘Fainting in Freedom’, National Gallery of Marche, Urbino, Italy
  • 2019 ‘You are the others’, Union Gallery, London
  • 2018 ‘He took me to a bar full of Sirens’, curated by Natalie Dray, Her Gallery, London, 2017 ‘Look at me’, T293, Rome


Group shows

  • 2024 ‘Atelier.IT: un viatico nelle pratiche pittoriche’Istituto Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este Santuario di Ercole Vincitore, Tivoli RM
  • 2024 ‘My soul hurts and I think I’ve got tinnitus’ Calcio, London
  • 2023 ‘Mythos Speculum’ Secci Gallery, Milan
  • 2021 ‘All That And A Bag Of Chips’, Des Bains, London
  • 2021 ‘Pittura Pittura Pittura ’, curated by Serena Fineschi, Marignana Arte Gallery, Venice, Italy 2021 ‘Per una Danae contemporanea’, Fondazione Francesco Fabbri,
  • Pieve di Soligo, Italy 2021 ‘Rassegna Internazionale D’Arte G.B. Salvi’ Sassoferrato, Italy
  • 2020 ‘A Land of Incomparable Beauty’ Collective Ending, London
  • 2020 ‘No time like the present’, PUBLIC Gallery, London
  • 2019 ‘Cherry pickers’, Podium, Luxembourg


Panels and lectures

  • 2019 ‘Incontro con Luisa Me’, Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino, Italy


Public collections

  • National Gallery of Marche, Urbino, Italy



  • 2018 Bocs, Cosenza, Italy


Academic CV

  • Luca Colagiacomo
    BA Fine Art. Academy of Fine Art, Urbino, Italy Grade:1st 2010 – 2013 School-leaving Certificate
    Secondary School G. Nolfi, Italy – Specializing in Modern Languages 2004 – 2010
  • Francesco Pasquini
    BA Fine Art. Academy of Fine Art, Urbino, Italy Grade:1st 2011 – 2014
    School-leaving Certificate
    Secondary School Liceo Artistico Mengaroni, Italy – Specializing in Graphic Design 2004 – 2010