Villa d’Este

Autore/Curatore: Andrea Bruciati
Soggetto/ Genere: Arte e Storia dell’Arte
Tipo: Monografia
Data: 2024


Villa d’Este in Tivoli is the ultimate expression of an antiquarian garden in the Renaissance, the result of the genius of artists and intellectuals who conceived and realised monumental fountains, extraordinary grottoes, nymphaeums, basins, and luxuriant decorations.

The residence of Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este, designed by Pirro Ligorio, was built from 1550 onwards on the foundations of an earlier Roman abode. The complex owes its majesty and importance to the presence of the Aniene River, whose flow has allowed human genius to explore the infinite artistic potential of water with marvellous visual and acoustic effects set in a unique context. All these characteristics have made the site of Villa d’Este, inscribed on yhe UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001, the most famous of the “Gardens of Woders”.

Dati bibliografici:

Villa d’Este, a cura di Andrea Bruciati
con testi di: Andrea Bruciati

Milano, Skira, 2024
160 pp., ill., col.
ISBN: 9788857247601